e11 & b trading company. ltd is a french company established in 2008. our headquarters is based in yiwu in zhejiang province in china.
as the office of procurement and yiwu agent, we provide professional import products tailored to their needs and expectations. we will accompany you on the various markets and throughout the process of negotiation and purchase of your products.
we are specialized in the exploration, the factory audit, quality control, and administrative procedures for the import.
we can give you the best proposals by may be in china for the products you are looking for.
we are working with the african and european market, together with the chinese factories in the region of shenzhen, shanghai, zhejiang and guangzhou.
we can give you more information about the objects that you want to import.
please find our contacts above, we are at your disposal for genuine partnership.
agentenchine.com cantact.



Présent depuis 2008 en Chine, E&B Trading Company., Ltd est votre partenaire idéal pour que votre importation avec la Chine se passe sereinement.
Voici les différents services que nous vous proposons, ceux-ci recouvrant toutes les étapes de vos futurs achats avec la Chine :

Recherche de fournisseurs
Suivi de projet
Contrôle qualite
Test de certifications

E&B Trading Company., Ltd

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